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Javaplein 14

1094 HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Coming soon. Opening September 1st.

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020 – 890 3158

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Our signature High Studios workouts include interval treadmill routines and strength training that are proven to ramp up your metabolism so your body is burning calories for hours afterward. With endless variations, you’ll never get bored of this format.

Chase the HIGH!


Clip-in and get ready for a new experience in cycling. This 45-minute challenging, exhilarating and addictive practice will always leave you wanting more. We focus on a powerful foundation of form, technique and rhythm where we first inspire your mind to transform your body. We climb, sprint and ride to the beat and every practice our rockstar trainers will push you to your limits in 45 minutes.

At HIGH RIDE everyone is welcome, start at your level and practice to grow!


We come to the mat to sweat. 45 minutes of beat-based, medium-level, high-fun hot yoga sessions. At HIGH FLOW it’s not about looks. Or judgements. Or attitude. It’s just about you, having fun with your body. Everyone is welcome to join HIGH FLOW, whatever your level or physical situation. See, it’s not a workout. It’s a practice. 45 minutes of friends and fun that will mildly challenge you and help you get better. The progression you can take with you outside the studio walls.

HIGH. The flow that makes you grow.