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Come and experience Amsterdam’s first hot yoga class based on dropping beats and dripping sweat. See, this isn’t your average yoga studio, at HIGH FLOW it’s all about turning up the music and winding down your mind as we bring you a 45-minutes, beat-based yoga session practised at 32 degrees. Our classes are suitable for all levels.

HIGH FLOW. The beat makes you do it. Sign up for the Explore pack and come get HIGH!


HIGH FLOW is the beat-based yoga party on the mat. We are making every class an experience by adding strong beats and fast flows to our heated yoga room. Set to 32-degrees, our infrared heating panels will help you to mobilize your joints, loosen up your muscles, and release tension in your connective tissue. In this way, HIGH FLOW helps you strengthen both body and mind. HIGH FLOW is energetic and strong, yet accessible for all levels. It only takes you just 45-minutes to work on your strength, flexibility, and mobility. Your top-notch experience starts from the moment you walk in, where our hosts will take you by your hand in our high-end studio. The cities best teachers are ready to bring you an incredible experience to get you HIGH on our FLOW!

Be fierce and flow with us.


"Wow, this was a fantastic lesson. The music and the location are super as well."

"The gym is absolutely stunning, and it’s got the nicest staff in town! I did a HIGH FLOW class which was amazing, the teacher really knows her stuff and the music helps you get into that state of flow. Definitely recommend!"

"Love the new studio and the concept of yoga to the beat."

Javaplein 14
1094 HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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